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You can call the method as many times as you want, and simply by changing the parameter, you can delete many files withouth having to initialize an object each time. Get values as command arguments in c console application. How can I get the absolute path of program I'm running? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. More Report Need to report the video? Path, so i found this bit of code:

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    Startup path, just the folder, use Application. NET Frameworkincluding Console Apps as you require. Dim appPath As String = My. Geez, Its been a pain in the freakin ass to get application path Here you go buddy's Private Function GetAppPath() As String Dim. Name: An easy way to get in // Description:Get the path of your running application in one line.

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    // By: Samer Shrourou (from.
    Because of this discrepancy, you need to check for the presence of a trailing backslash before appending a file name to the path. I stopped working on it after a while because I eventually did not need it anymore. NET programmers; but it was not what I was looking for.

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    images app path

    ExecutablePath was not useful, as it had not only the path, but included the executable file name as well, which I would have had to strip, however, the other suggestion: NET quick reference book, where you lookup the old VB6 routine and you get a description of the different ways to do it in VB.

    images app path
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    I hope it helps to clear the way on the use of New.

    Why are you using 'New'?

    This is such a good idea that this is something I started working on when I switched to. This feature is not available right now.

    images app path

    The object x is not initialized.

    How do I get application's path in VB or C#?. In Visual Basic 6 you could use to see where your application's executable resides. In VB. There are a number of ways to get the in This particular method works for (including windows forms applications ) and ASP.

    in VB .NET, Help Please GeoNet

    My application placed in D:\Sample\WindowsApplication1. i want get this project path. I traid but always it comes Debug path i need to get.
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    These are special classes that are called Shared this is the term used by most VB programmers or Static the. Dim x As System.

    Get the path to your VB or C .NET application

    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Email Required, but never shown. But since FileInfo is a class not a function then of course it needs the 'New'.

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    images app path
    App path
    You find a cell phone. FileInfo is the most usual type of class, a class that represents an object, in this case a file. Please try again later. If you type MsgBox for instance, you will get an error and will have to learn to use MessageBox. I was thinking it was a function not a class, much like the Dir function in VB6 where you call it with the file search pattern and it returns a string with the first matching name.

    NET be more stable than VB6?

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      If you need the path of the dll that was called as an addin inside of an application to read config files or whatever you have to do it this way:

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      I'm a VB6 programmer trying to pickup VB. Unsubscribe from Go Freelancer?

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      NET at least net 1. I know how to use New and what it is for.